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Editor's Letter
Mind Control

Mental Health: The Basics
Mood and anxiety disorders are serious medical illnesses. Here, an explanation of the seven most common forms of mental illness that affect Americans. 

Mental Health in America
Some telling statistics about our nation’s state of well-being

Mind Over Matter
Famous examples of success despite mental illness

Brain on Fire
Is inflammation at the root of bipolar disorder?

Deconstructing Myths About Mental Health
Myths and misinformation about mental illness can lead to stigma that keeps people from seeking insight and support regarding their mental health. The biggest truth is that no one needs to suffer the debilitating effects of mental illness. Help and happiness are possible—no matter how dark the clouds seem.

Field of Genes
Unlocking the Future of Mental Illness Research.


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Serious Signs of Trouble
How to know if—and when—it’s time to seek professional help for mental health issues. 

Going Natural
Considering alternative treatments for depression and anxiety 

Lady Sings the Blues
As the high-profile president and owner of her same-named PR firm, Terrie Williams routinely handled the public and professional lives of some of the biggest names in entertainment. Then one day her mask slipped. She was forced to face the pain she’d been hiding.

Positive Thoughts
Stephen A. Puibello started experiencing mental health issues as early as middle school.

Getting the Help You Need
If your mental anguish is caused by more than just a bad day or an emotional rough patch resulting from a specific life event, consider seeking the help of a pro. 

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