Suicide prevention advocates are in an uproar over a comedic scene regarding suicide in the popular television show The Office, reports The Associated Press. The scene the groups are protesting has Steve Carell’s character attempting to scare children on Halloween by struggling in a hangman’s noose.

“We try not to be zealots about this, but this one…kind of crossed the line,” said Robert Gebbia, executive director of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in New York.

The scene was part of The Office’s Halloween episode. After Carell’s character attempts to scare the kids, he states in a mock version of a public service announcement, “Kids, just remember, suicide is not the answer. It is the easy way out.”

“We’re not trying to be censors or fall into the trap of wanting everything to be [politically correct],” Gebbia said. “But on the other hand, it’s offensive to some people who have lost relatives to suicide by hanging.”