Certain factors in a person’s environment, both from childhood and adulthood, can trigger or later contribute to mental illness. Such factors are things that usually feel outside a person’s control, especially as a child. They include:

  • Experiencing the Death death of a parent or other close family member or friend;
  • Changing jobs,  or schools or moving far away from one’s previous home;
  • Experiencing The the break up of one’s parents, or break up from a long-term partner;
  • Having A a chaotic or traumatic family life, including the substance abuse of one’s parents or one’s self, and neglect by a parent;
  • Living in poverty
  • Being socially isolated;
  • Feeling inadequate, or unloved and or unappreciated;
  • Feeling anxious or angry
  • Failing to meet what one considers to be social or cultural norms, such as physical beauty, intelligence or social popularity

Last Reviewed: June 14, 2010