Anybody who’s ever been trapped in rush hour traffic knows how painful it is to lose an hour out of your life, but who would have thought that losing time is actually bad for you? That’s the verdict, however, Loyola University Health System and Michigan University Health System, in their warning to people about Daylight Saving Time, which is coming this Sunday, March 14. Saturday night we all have to set our clocks forward one hour, meaning that we’re going to lose an hour of sleep and it’s going to be really, really dark outside when you get up to go to work or school on Monday.

“Springing forward” has always set my body and mind off kilter for a week or two each year, and the experts say the consequences can range from irritability and traffic accidents to heart attacks. They say many Americans are already sleep deprived and that losing an extra hour makes it much worse. Both universities offer tips for minimizing the impact of that lost hour.