A former tennis pro, Cliff Richey, is opening up about his struggles with depression in a new book due out next month, according to ESPN.

Richey penned his book, titled “Acing Depression: a Tennis Champions Toughest Match” along with his daughter, a college professor.

Richey, who led the United States in 1970 to win the Davis Cup, was long known on the circuit for his difficult behavior. According to a description of the book on Amazon:

“He was also well known for his tantrums and boorish behavior that served to mask an internal, dark struggle. Describing torturous days in which he would place black trash bags on the windows and lay in bed crying for hours, this brutally honest narrative stresses that depression is a mental disorder that can affect anyone. Documenting his 10 year fight for control of his mind, aided by antidepressant medication, the determination and strength that afforded him the nickname of ”The Bull“ is highlighted. Expressing the joy of feeling stable for the first time in his life, this deeply moving story of nightmare and redemption serves to encourage and inspire anyone whose life is touched by mental illness.”

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