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GOP’s Health Care “Repeal and Delay” Plan Would Wreak Havoc

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andrew J

Any leadership that pursues a policy, knowing that that it will result in the loss of medical coverage for millions of Americans ... that it will result in untold human suffering - isn't really a leadership at all. This administration seems determined to pursue one damn-fool policy after another ... to fix things that aren't broken, and to try to reformulate problems that were resolved years ago. They do this because they really don't have any political vision at all.

July 19, 2017 New Zealand

Jerry Burton

Reporters, news people can keep bringing this point up over and over about the health care bill, the ACHA but as long as we have a Dictator type President (my personal opinion), this will not change. Look for more problems such as this health care bill mess , to come up in the next four years or until this Dictator (my personal opinion), of the United States is impeached. I also believe that giving the keys to the White House to Donald Trump and his family was a VERY terrible mistake.

July 19, 2017 Fredericksburg Va.


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